Neurological Science and Screen Time

Advances in neurological science point to the amazing complexity of our God-made brains, and inform us about how best we can parent our kids in ways that lead to their healthy growth and development. Recently, the American Psychological Association released a report which reminds us that starting around age ten and continuing until the mid-twenties, the human brain is hypersensitive to social feedback and stimuli. You and I see evidence of this in how our kids become invested and even obsessed with engaging in behaviors, both off line and online, that will help them get feedback, praise, and attention from their peers. Brain science is now telling us that getting likes and gaining followers on social media actually activates neural regions that trigger repetitive behavior, which can then lead to repetitive use of social media, and even addiction. Let’s raise up Godly children whose lives are directed at habitually bringing glory to God, rather than seeking the praise of their peers.