In response to our growing body of knowledge regarding kid’s sports and the dangers of concussions and traumatic head injuries, officials who regulate the rules for youth soccer in the UK have enacted a new regulation. Children under the age of eleven who play youth soccer in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland will no longer learn how to head the ball in an effort to cut down on the possibility of potentially harmful injuries. The changes take effect immediately and have been enacted in response to studies on the incidence of degenerative brain disease in former professional soccer players. Research has found that ex-pro soccer players are almost three-and-a-half times more likely to die of dementia, and five times more likely to die from Parkinsons. Regulators are also taking steps to reduce headers as far as possible for older players. We should applaud these efforts to facilitate the safety of our kids. Parents, you are responsible to steward the safety of your child’s God-given body.