One of the great lessons we need to teach our kids is that not only is the availability of an education a great privilege, but how we engage with our academics should be seen as an avenue to glorify and worship God. Loving God with our minds means that we will work hard at learning as a way to feel God’s pleasure. One way to improve learning and recall in today’s screen-saturated world is to take classroom notes the old-fashioned way. In other words, rather than tapping on laptop keys our kids can grab a notebook and pen for notetaking purposes. A recent poll found that kids who take notes by hand have greater focus in class, have a greater ability for memory and recall of content, and have higher gpa’s than those who prefer digital to analog note-taking. For those of us who learned to buckle-down and take careful notes when we were in school, chances are we remember experiencing these benefits. Parents, why not encourage your kids to try taking handwritten notes, and see what happens!