What have our kids been experiencing over the course of the last twelve months? What has it felt like to grow up in a Covid-infected world where their everyday routines have changed? A friend recently sent me a link to a short three-and-a-half minute film made by a fifteen year old Canadian named Liv McNeil. The film is titled Numb, which offers a hint into what our teens are feeling. I would encourage you to go on YouTube, search for Numb, and then watch the film. I would also suggest that you watch the film with your kids, asking them how it might reflect the way they’re feeling these days. We know that film oftentimes puts into words things our kids can’t express for themselves. As a follow-up to watching the film, ask the Lord to give you a greater sensitivity to your kids. Pray for guidance on how to love, lead, and direct your kids into Scriptures that offer what Jesus called the peace that passes understanding. Our Covid times offer us a great opportunity for ministry to our kids.