The Bible teaches us that we live in a fallen and broken world. Sin manifests itself everywhere and in every way. One of the most disturbing types of sin facilitated by today’s technology is online predatory behavior. While there’s conflicting evidence on who is most at risk, the research indicates that kids ages twelve to fifteen are most at risk, with girls being more frequently victimized than our boys. If your child withdraws and becomes secretive around a device by hiding the screen or clicking suddenly out of windows when you walk into a room, it might be time to ask questions about their online activities, and to begin to monitor what they are doing online with a greater amount of care and frequency. Predators know how to make vulnerable children and teens feel special, important, attractive, and worthwhile. Be aware of the dangers that exist online, and love your kids by carefully monitoring their online time.  You are protecting them from harm and providing for their wellbeing.