Our Kids’ Favorite Social Media Platforms

In case you’ve been wondering where your kids are spending their time on social media, the latest survey data from Pew Research offers some insights. YouTube is the most popular social media platform, with seventy-seven percent of teenagers saying they use YouTube on a daily basis. Coming in at second is TikTok, with fifty-eight percent of teens using the video sharing platform every day. Rounding out the top five are Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Pew also discovered that nineteen percent of teens say they use YouTube almost constantly, sixteen percent use TikTok almost constantly, and fifteen percent use Snapchat almost constantly. The online world of social media platforms are serving to shape, nurture, and we might even say disciple our kids into beliefs and behaviors. Shouldn’t we be clearing paths and making efforts to have Scripture be our children’s guide? Parents, are you setting borders and boundaries? And, are you talking to your kids about what they see?