Our Teens Need Fellowship

All this week we’re looking at Paul Tripp’s parenting book, Age of Opportunity, and the five signs that our teenagers have a heart for God. Today, we look at the third sign. Tripp says that teens who have a heart for God will pursue fellowship with the body of Christ. He will want to spend time with others who also love God. He will look for peers who share his faith and his desire to be involved in Christian community. This is the teenager who leaves for college and begins his time on campus by checking out the Christian fellowship opportunities. This is the teen who will seek out other Christians in his high school. And, he will value the help, prayers, encouragement, experience, insight, and wisdom of the older members of the body of Christ. Parents, our greatest desire should be to see our children grow up to pursue, love, and serve Jesus Christ. Ask God to embrace your teen and to create in your teen a desire to be in active fellowship with other Christians.