Parents, what do you value most when you think about your kids and your desire for their future. I’ve learned that as a parent, the idols of my heart are exposed if my greatest desires are to lead my kids to an impressive academic resume, great athletic prowess, and the acceptance that comes with maintaining a high and respected profile in their peer group. That last one is what we typically call popularity. As Christian parents we are called to not only live counter-culturally as an act of worship, but to lead our kids into doing the same. Consequently, our greatest parental desire must be to prayerfully endeavor to instill in them a rich and deep spiritual legacy. We want to see our kids flourish as followers of Jesus Christ. We cannot forget that this is the only thing that will satisfy their deepest longings and desires. Take time each day to immerse yourself in God’s Word, to pray for your kids, and to converse with them about the things that do ultimately matter.