After he became a grandfather and then a great-grandfather, my dad would oftentimes look at me and say, “I’m so glad that I’m not raising kids in today’s world.” My dad recognized that while he didn’t raise his own kids in a perfect world, the culture was changing and morphing over the course of his life. He recognized that his grand children and great-grand children were growing up in a world where kids were facing new challenges, difficult choices, increased pressures, and hard to navigate problems. But my dad also realized that God is with parents, guiding them and providing all they need as they navigate raising kids in this changing world. Parents, don’t throw up your hands in exasperation and frustration. Perhaps some of the best advice for parenting in today’s world comes from the late J.I. Packer who said, “If you ask, Why is this happening?, no light may come. But if you ask, How am I to glorify God now?, there will always be an answer. Parents, embrace your high calling and opportunity!