Parents, how much time are you spending with your kids? Would your children say that the way you spend your time shows that they are more important than your job, hobbies, smartphones, and social life? Today, I want to challenge you to take stock of how much time you’re spending with your children and teens. Don’t believe the lie that “quality time” is just as important as “quantity time.” In reality, the two go hand in hand. Don’t invoke the myth of “quality time” to justify your absence from home in order to pursue career success and/or your personal interests and pursuits. When high school students were asked about their wishes for a better life, you might be surprised at what they said. A small number wished for more money and a bigger house. Not surprising since those things are terribly overvalued in our culture. But here’s the thing those high-schoolers wished for more than anything else: “more time spent with my family.” Guess what? You can make that wish come true. Spend time with your kids!