Earlier this fall, a news story broke about a high school in Massachusetts that had to scramble to delay the start of its in-school opening by two weeks, leading to two more weeks of students learning remotely. The delay was occasioned by the need to quarantine the entire Lincoln-Sudbury High School student body for fourteen days since it was learned that a large number of students had gathered at a local home for a weekend party. Or course, we’ve heard lots of stories like this in recent weeks. But what was unique, or maybe not so unique about this story, is that the drinking party was actually hosted by a set of parents in their home. This wasn’t a case of teens sneaking around without adult knowledge. Rather, this was one of those cases where the parents, for whatever reason, approved of and hosted the party. The parents have been charged by police, as they should be. This reminds us that we need to know what’s happening in other homes, and we need to exercise our own Godly conduct as dads and moms.