Theologian David Starling has written a book about leadership that offers some challenging insights for parents and youth workers as we lead children and teens into a deep faith in Jesus Christ. The book is titled “UnCorinthian Leadership”. The title reflects how the apostle Paul instructed the Corinthians to adopt a godly approach to leadership as a corrective to their worldly ways of leading. I found these words from Starling helpful: “Good navigation requires more than just correct and accurate reading of a correct and accurate map; it also requires a vigilant awareness of the various rocks and shoals, waves and currents through which the ship must travel, along with an understanding of the capacities and weaknesses of the ship, and the forces that must be harnessed to steer it safely through such waters.” Starling’s words remind us of our need to not only know God’s Word, but to know the challenges of our world, so that we might guide our kids into a Godly life.