Parents with Rizz

There’s a story from my teenage years that consistently leaves me laughing as I think about just how confusing the always-morphing world of teen slang confuses those who are older. My mom had heard the word “geek” for the first time as a derogatory descriptor of a teenage peer. Confessing her ignorance, she went to my younger brother and asked, “What’s a geek?” Without hesitation, my brother answered in a way that left her even more confused: “Oh that’s easy! It’s the same as a dork!” In today’s world, you may have heard your kids use the word “rizz”, spelled r-i-z-z. What does this slang term mean? It’s used to describe someone who has charm and the ability to flirt well. If you hear them talking about someone having rizz they consider that person attractive or having the ability to communicate in alluring ways. Wanting to rizz someone means wanting to flirt with them or charm them. Rizz is a shortened form of the word charisma. Parents, don’t be a dork. Instead, have rizz!