This week we’re looking at some great words of advice from Dr. Paul Tripp and one of my favorite parenting books, Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide To Parenting Teens. Dr. Tripp says that as parents, we need to think about our teens in a distinctively biblical way. First, the Bible wants us to see our kids as covenantal beings. In other words, our teenagers have been made for a relationship with God. They were created to be worshippers, and if they are not worshipping God, they will give their hearts to God substitutes. Second, the Bible wants us to see our kids as social beings. They have been made to live in community with others. God has given them the moral responsibility to live with their neighbor’s welfare in view. And third, the Bible wants us to see our teenagers as interpreters. As they live life, they are to seek to organize, interpret, and explain their lives on the basis of a biblical world and life view. Parents, relate to your kids in Biblically faithful ways.