This week we’re looking at some great words of advice from Dr. Paul Tripp and one of my favorite parenting books, “Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide To Parenting Teens.” Dr. Tripp says that Ephesians 6:10-18 provides a much needed biblical view of life. The Apostle Paul essentially says that life is war. He is not talking about the fights over situations and relationships that capture our thinking and emotions, but a deeper, more significant war. There is a war for the hearts of our teenagers that takes place in every situation, location, and relationship of daily life. This war is fought on the turf of their hearts. It is fought for control of their souls. Every decision, action, and word of our teenagers reflects this war. It is the great conflict of human life. This war is the reason for all the other wars fought between people. The problem is that our teenagers tend to live in a world that is shockingly physical; that is, they tend to live with little recognition of this spiritual struggle.