This week we’re looking at strategies parents can enlist to help their kids deal with negative peer pressure in God-honoring ways. You need to realize that negative peer pressure is spiritual battle all of us fight constantly. It’s a fact of life in a sinful and fallen world. We may know what is right, but we still find ourselves giving in. Even the apostle Paul admitted his personal struggle with these same sinful inclinations. He writes, “My own behavior baffles me. For I find myself not doing what I really want to do but doing what I really loathe.” In Matthew 7, Jesus speaks about this spiritual struggle as he describes the wide and well traveled road that leads to destruction, and the narrow road that leads to life. In the midst of this very real struggle, we must point our kids to the answer the Apostle Paul gives to our tendency to give in to our sinful natures. He writes, “I thank God there is a way out through Jesus Christ our Lord.”