This week we’re looking at strategies parents can enlist to help their kids deal with negative peer pressure in God-honoring ways. Today, I want to encourage you to pray for your kids. While it’s a fact that all kids will face negative peer pressure, we cannot forget our source of hope and strength. God invites us to seek his help in the midst of our helplessness by praying regularly for ourselves and our kids. Ask God to give you wisdom and courage as you lead your kids. Pray that he’ll give you the right words to guide your kids into making good decisions. Pray also for patience. The adolescent years can seem to drag on for a long time. Ask God to protect them as they live in the world of their peers, and to guide them into making good decisions. And finally, pray with your kids as they face difficult situations. By doing so, you’ll communicate to them that they should actively seek to do God’s will.