This week we’re looking at strategies parents can enlist to help their kids deal with negative peer pressure in God-honoring ways. Our kids need to learn that doing what is right is not always the easy choice. When Jesus called his disciples to come and follow me, he was inviting them into a life that would be difficult. In the same breath, he told them, “If anyone would come after me he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” On the surface, Jesus seems to be calling us to a very unattractive and undesirable life. But in reality, it’s a call to the most attractive and desirable life a person could ever have. Teach your kids – by word and example – that following the crowd when the crowd is going in the wrong direction exacts a price. The flip side is that following in the footsteps of Christ also exacts a price. But the suffering that comes is temporary. It fades when compared to the thrill of eternal life.