Polyamory is a cultural trend that you need to be aware of. The word Polyamory comes from two Greek words, poly which means many, and amor which means love. In our contemporary situation, polyamory is the belief and practice of forming intimate relationships with more than one partner with the informed consent of all partners involved. It is also described as non-monogamy. It is consensual and seen as virtuous by those who are embracing and practicing this trend. Everything about polyamory goes against God’s good design for marriage, which has been instituted at creation as a monogamous life-long covenantal union between one man and one woman. Last summer, the city of Somerville, Massachusetts put a stamp of approval on polyamory by adopting a new domestic partnership ordinance that grants polyamorous households the rights held by spouses in a marriage. Parents, your role is to teach your kids to follow God’s design for love, sex, and marriage, rather than the cultural whims.