In his book, The Culturally Savvy Christian, Dick Staub talks about the powerful role popular culture has taken in shaping our faith. Dick writes, “Popular culture has fed us a veritable potluck of beliefs about God, heaven, hell, truth, sex, drugs, friendship, love, marriage, morality, and everything else under the sun. Today’s individual is the blender into which are poured ingredients provided by television, movies, song lyrics, celebrities, friends, teachers, parents, advertisements, billboards, and articles on the web. The directions? Add ingredients, press the button, chill, and serve. Popular culture has become a mediator between God and humans.” Dick Staub gets it right. We are increasingly letting the world, and not the word, mediate our understanding of God. Your kids are growing up in this media saturated world. What are you doing to point them to the word of God? Are you in a relationship with God’s mediator Jesus Christ? Are you living the truths of God’s word? Your kids are watching.