As parents, we are called to lead our children into hearing, understanding, and living according to the truths of God’s Word. That also means helping our kids spot the culture’s lies. Pornography tells lies. As an expression of brokenness, pornography takes God’s good gift of sexuality and twists it all around. And the deeper we go into pornography, the more we are convinced that the lies are not lies, but that they are truth. Here are some of the lies we must help our kids understand. People are objects to be used for our own pleasure. Using pornography will make your life better. Sex is purely a recreational sport. The main purpose of sex is to have your own personal needs met. Pornography doesn’t hurt anyone. To dominate someone is more fun and enjoyable than marital intimacy. Parents, expose the lies of pornography that destroy God’s good gift of sexuality. Because these lies are pervasive, so must be our bold proclamation of the truth.