How often do you pray for the Kingdom to come in your kids’ lives? Most of us have memorized the Lord’s Prayer at some point in our lives. In our church, we recite that prayer each week in worship. Think about the part where we ask the Lord to send His Kingdom to come and His will to be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Have you ever thought about praying that prayer and asking God to send His Kingdom , His will, His way, His order, His priorities, and His way of living into the lives of your teenagers? That’s the kind of living they were made for. That’s the kind of living we need to hope for. It might sound a bit strange, but when our kids have been resistant to living under God’s Kingdom reign, we’ve prayed that they would be unsettled and even miserable until they choose to walk in His will and way again. And as God is at work doing what only God can do, our responsibility as parents is to both talk about God’s Kingdom, and to live out His Kingdom priorities in every area of our lives.