I’ve never met a parent who wants their child to become a drug or alcohol addict. In fact, most parents work hard to keep their kids from substance abuse and all the dangers it brings. We applaud ourselves when our kids choose not to abuse alcohol or other drugs like meth, heroin, or marijuana. But have you thought lately about the trend towards the abuse of prescription drugs? The abuse of stuff that can be found in the family medicine cabinet has been on the rise for years.  Nearly one in five teens admits to abusing medications that are not prescribed to him or her. Experts advise you to look for these signs of prescription drug abuse: a change in sleep habits, a change in energy level, a change in personal hygiene, a change in mood or personality, a sudden change in grades, a change in their circle of friends, the loss of appetite, and constricted eye-pupils. Parents, monitor your teenagers and their friends. Your commitment to keeping them off drugs will protect them from hurting themselves in long-lasting ways.