If you’ve got kids in the house, you know that there are certain things that you put behind a closed door and out of reach. We take precautions by putting cleaners, solvents, and other poisonous chemicals in places where our curious young children can’t get to them. We put child-proof locks on cabinets so that our kids can’t get to things that will do them physical harm. We all know that bodily poison typically enters through the mouth. As Christian parents, we must also be aware that spiritual poison exists, and it typically enters into one’s life through the ears and the eyes. In today’s world, there’s a twenty-four seven river of spiritual poison that flows freely through television, music, social media, and the online world. This is why we must be just as diligent to set up borders and boundaries that protect our kids from spiritual poison, as we are with bodily poison. In Psalm one hundred and one, David states a resolve we must instill in our kids: I will put no unclean thing before my eyes.