It has been said that you can find anything on the internet. The reality is that all of us – young and old alike – are able to find and engage with everything from the good, to the bad and the ugly. A quick scan of tiktok, that video sharing social media platform popular among our kids, yields a surprising number of pro-anorexia hashtags that lead to videos which have been viewed by billions of young viewers. As if our kids don’t already face enough body image pressure to pursue unreasonable body shapes and types, these TikTok videos teach our kids how to pursue and indulge Anorexia Nervosa. Even kids who go to tiktok looking for dieting advice can soon find themselves clicking through video after video which leads them into the dark rabbit hole of pro-anorexia content which teaches them how to restrict food intake, fast, and even hide the disorder from their parents. Our kids need parents who teach them to find their identities in who they are as God’s image-bearers.