Our children and teens are being educated on matters of sex and gender by a current cultural narrative that engages in 24/7 messaging, even to children as young as pre-school age. This education – or more accurately mis-education – takes God’s good gifts of sex and gender and distorts them in ways that undo God’s grand and glorious plan for our children and teens. The reality is that whoever speaks to a child first about sex and gender will set the bar for what is understood to be true, resulting in everything they hear after that being measured in light of whatever they heard first. Consequently, we must speak up first and teach them the truth. We live in a day-and-age where home and church must faithfully offer Biblically-based correctives to the cultural narrative on sex and gender. Parents, we encourage you to commit yourself to reading God’s Word to discover his plan for sex and gender. In addition, I highly recommend reading Christopher Yuan’s book, Holy Sexuality and the Gospel.