Those who have read and understood the Bible know that throughout the course of Biblical history, God called certain people to speak his truth in his name. The Bible includes both a written record of the utterances of these prophets, along with several books of prophecy. When these divinely called and inspired prophets spoke, their words were the commands and revelations of God. I suggest that our approach to parenting our children be “prophetic,” Being prophetic in our relationships with our teens is an intentional effort on our part to both know and communicate the truths of God’s Word and how those truths speak to every area of their lives. In effect, it is the intentional process of looking for opportunities to speak biblical truth into their lives, showing how God’s Word and the Christian faith speaks and relates to all of life. It is the process of imparting Godly wisdom to our children and teens. Parents, your kids need you to speak Biblical truth into their lives at every opportunity.