Today we continue our look at addressing the materialism that so easily rears its ugly head in our lives during the Christmas season. I’ve worked with parents for years and I’m the parent of four children myself. I know full well that in today’s world our tendency is to idolize our kids. We want them to have, do, and be more than anyone else. But we do them harm when we create a culture of childhood royalty by treating them like princes and princesses. What we’re doing is instilling a lifelong sense of entitlement that’s very hard to break. One strategy I have found personally helpful is to seek to uncover ways that I might be raising my kids to be selfish and self-centered. I want them to see beyond themselves to the world’s great need. As Christmas approaches, remind yourself of the fact that Jesus came into the world to rescue us from our selfish idolatry. When we worship Him, we will follow his will and way in grateful obedience for what He has done for us.