Today we finish our look at strategies for dealing with the materialism that becomes painfully obvious in our lives during this time of year. One of the most effective strategies I’ve experienced is to take a missions trip with your teen. One of my most memorable mission trips with one of my own kids took place when I traveled to the inner-city of Chattanooga with my then sixteen year old son Nate. The trip was sponsored by our church, and I volunteered to go along as an adult leader. God did amazing things that exceeded my expectations. I had time to talk with Nate and his peers for several hours on our drive to and from Chattanooga. While we were there, I worked alongside my son and his friends as a member of the team. Together we learned about poverty, community development, and God’s heart for the poor. When we returned from our trip we not only had a great memory, but an experience that changed our lives, cemented our relationship, and challenged our own priorities.