“Papa. Are Zombies real?” That’s a question my young grandson asked me after seeing a TV commercial for a movie about these mythological undead corpses we’re told walk the earth. While I assured him that “No, Zombies are not real”, new research from Onepoll reports that seven in ten American parents are worried that their children are in fact turning into internet zombies as a result of the growing amount of time their kids are spending online. Two in three also believe that their child’s overall behavior has changed as a result of spending increased time online. Parents, your kids are growing up as digital natives in a world where they will never be without screens and technology. Because Jesus is the Lord of all of life, doesn’t it make sense that we make a continued effort to disciple our kids into using technology in ways that advance rather than undermine human flourishing? Limit and monitor their online time. Teach them to honor the Lord in all things, including their use of technology.