Your teenagers will make mistakes. They will fall into sin. They will do wrong. They will disappoint you. How should you respond? Christian counselor and parenting expert Dr. Paul Tripp offers some great advice in his helpful book Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens. He reminds us that we need to demonstrate to our children “how the Bible interprets, explains, and organizes life.” Tripp writes, “Don’t resort to on-the-fly, ‘This is what I think about it’ or ‘Do it because I said so’ responses. Your teenager needs confidence in Scripture as God’s source of wisdom and understanding about life. He needs to grow in his ability to use this amazingly sufficient resource. Each circumstance also provides an opportunity to demonstrate how the Bible makes sense out of the things your child faces each day. The goal is that he would really embrace Scripture as a ‘lamp to my feet and light to my path’”. We can begin by making the reading of Scripture a practice in our homes.