This week we’re looking at five steps to take if you have a teen who’s abusing drugs or alcohol. Here’s step number three – Secure the help of a qualified counselor. While we may know our kids better than anyone else, a teenage substance abuse problem requires a course of corrective action and treatment that goes beyond what we can handle on our own. A counselor friend once told me, “If you see a rattlesnake in your basement, you may want to call someone who knows something about rattlesnakes.” Go to your pastor or a trusted counselor for a referral to a competent individual or program with a proven record of successfully handling teenage substance abusers. Look for a counselor who takes into account the spiritual dimension of teenage addiction problems. In a day and age where many counselors view Christianity as a crutch, you’ll want to be sure you choose a Christian counselor who sees God as the solution, not part of the problem.