With the school year set to begin once again, there’s a good chance that your local school district will soon have to navigate the same difficult issue some districts local to us have had to navigate over the course of the last few months. What will you do when a male athlete decides to identify and transition to female, and then join a girls’ sports team? While there are many variables at work here, two of the issues relate to fairness and to privacy. What happens when a male athlete transitions and then dominates the field? And how will our girls navigate issues related to locker room and bathroom safety and privacy? Now is the time to determine policies related to this trend. Current Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona is on record as telling ESPN that transgender girls have a right to compete, and he suggested that the current administration will step in to protect these student’s civil rights if states choose not to. Let’s pray and seek God’s wisdom on how to best respond to his glory.