The recently released Common Sense Census offers helpful insights into the ways that our children and teens are using media. While the report focuses primarily on their use of smartphones and screens, there is one finding related to reading that should cause us concern. Nearly a third of all teenagers in this country say that they read for pleasure less than once a month, if at all. While the good news is that two-thirds of our kids do read for fun, we can expect that the number of readers will continue to drop with digital distractions on the rise. As parents, we should not only be teaching our kids how to use their smartphones and screens responsibly and with moderation, but we should also be making sure that our kids are reading. Reading off the printed page is good for our brains, expands knowledge, and can help us develop a greater appreciation for Biblical truth and God’s world. We need to cultivate young readers. Be sure to monitor your kids use of their time, building in times for reading.