Sex God’s Way

In his daily devotional book on wisdom from the book of Proverbs, Tim Keller has several entries helping us understand and apply Proverbs to matters of human sexuality. Keller tells us that in today’s world, we’ve trained ourselves to take physical pleasure without the full personal commitment of marriage, ultimately separating body and soul. Sex becomes a sloppy physical encounter from which we walk away wiping our mouths. So, how should we think, teach, and practice regarding sex? Keller writes: “Sex should instead be a way to both display and deepen full trust. It is a radical, unconditional, deeply personal means of self-donation. It is God’s created way to say to someone else, ‘I belong wholly and exclusively to you.’ If you use it to say that and mean that, as times goes on it will enable spouses to indeed become more indissolubly one and each other’s. If you don’t use it like that, you’ve turned it into groceries. It will be routine, then boring. There will be no wonder left.”