Showing Grace on Social Media

All this week we’ve been looking at Paul Tripp’s new book, Reactivity: How The Gospel Transforms our Actions and Reactions, and what it means to respect the dignity of others, especially as we and our children learn how to best glorify God on social media. Tripp asks, what does it mean to treat people with dignity? Tripp reminds us that when we find ourselves in disagreements with others, we must see them as human beings. This means that when we are tempted to see or treat them as less, we must remind ourselves that they are divine image bearers. In addition, Tripp says that we must think of others as never too lost to be beyond redemption. Nobody is beyond the reach of God’s grace. No one is lost a cause. He writes, there is no sin so great, no darkness so deep, and no rebellion so strong that it lives beyond the rescuing, convicting, forgiving, transforming, and delivering power of God’s grace. Parents, teach your kids to show the same measure of grace to others, that God has shown to them.