Showing Humility on Social Media

All this week we are looking at Paul Tripp’s new book, Reactivity: How The Gospel Transforms our Actions and Reactions, and what it means to respect the dignity of others, remembering that all human beings are divine image bearers, especially as we and our children learn how to best glorify God on social media. Tripp asks, what does it mean to treat people with dignity? In world where we tend to attack others over our differences, Paul Tripp tells us that we need to resolve to respond to differences with appreciation and grace. Scripture calls us to unity and not uniformity. God has made us different from one another in many ways. We need to approach each other with humility, kindness, graciousness, appreciation, patience, and grace. Can you imagine how the social media landscape and all of our personal interactions would be transformed if we approached each other in this way? Your kids will be living with social media and technology for the rest of their lives. Now is the time to train them well.