With our teens already dealing with high levels of anxiety, you would have thought that the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic would only increase their level of anxiety. Consequently, over the last several months mental health experts have warned those who care about kids to pay special attention to their mental and emotional health. But a new study out of Britain is reporting that among thirteen to fourteen year-olds, the level of their anxiety actually dropped during the pandemic lockdown. As you can imagine, this has come as a big surprise. Experts suspect that the move away from days spent in school with the normal busyness and pressures of school life, has occasioned the decrease. Some parents are reporting that the drop in their child’s stress levels is unbelievable. The reality is that our push for our kids to be heavily involved in a variety of activities and to shine in each might be too much for them to handle. One coronavirus lesson we need to heed is to slow the pace of life for our kids.