My friend Rachel recently wrote these words of Godly advice on smartphones to the students in her youth group. What you give your time and attention to is what you really worship. Where your eyes are, there is your treasure and your heart as well.  Technology is as powerful as dynamite.  It’s explosive power can be used to build or destroy.  I am concerned that it could be destroying us if we are not careful.  I strongly encourage you to put your phone away an hour before bed at night and don’t pick it up in the morning until after you have been awake for at least an hour.  Use that time to connect with God and with yourself – to be reflective and to process your emotions and thoughts.  Before bed, ask the Spirit to guide you back through your day so you can see where you partnered well with Him and where you were distracted.  In the morning, start the day quietly and gently by connecting to God through His Word and through prayer, paying attention to your interior life.