Smartphones as Baby Sitters

“What were we thinking?!?” I’ve heard more and more parents ask that question as they look back on their willingness to get their child a smartphone. Parents are increasingly coming to understand that even though smartphones are a helpful tool, too much technology too soon can undermine the mental, spiritual, physical, and relational growth and development of our kids. Researchers continue to study the dangers of smartphone use among our kids. Parents, we need to pay attention to what’s being discovered. Canadian researchers have recently confirmed the link between screen time use and anxiety and depression in kids. But here’s what’s really important for us to hear: Researchers found that parent stress is a key predictor of screen time. In other words, we try to manage our parenting stress by putting phones in our kids hands. We need to manage our stress in more God-honoring ways. Let’s put ourselves in God’s hands when we are stressed, rather than putting phones into our kids hands.