Is what you see posted on social media an accurate and honest portrayal of reality? When you look at the social media accounts of other families and other people’s kids are left feeling that your family is somehow an inadequate mess? And when you post on social media do you communicate an accurate portrayal of you, your marriage, your family, and your kids? If we’re honest, we are so beaten down by what we see in others that we portray ourselves online with what’s been called “an idealized self.” I recently chatted with a mom who has had enough with the pressure that comes with the comparison game. She told me, “I’m done! I’m done posting, and I’m done believing that what I see online is actually what others really are.” In many ways, this mom was finding freedom from pursuing the idol of the idealized self and getting the attention of others. Social media is fertile ground for idolatry. Present yourself and your family honestly, and don’t believe everything you see!