As you scan social media, what can you learn about your kids and their needs based on what they are posting online? Because they yearn for attention and acceptance, our kids will try on different social media selves in an effort to build an army of followers and a social bank account filled with likes. And you can be sure that the more they do this, the more they will endeavor to find their identity in what others think. But our kids are not alone. Have you ever taken the time to look back carefully over your own social media history and what it might say about where you are seeking to find your own identity? You see, when we use social media to boast about our accomplishments, the accomplishments of kids, our appearances, and our things, we are admitting that we are hoping to find fulfillment in all the wrong things. Satisfaction and rest in life come when we find our identity in Jesus Christ alone. When our posts scream “Look at me,” then we know that we need to look to Him.