One of my favorite scenic spots is Bearskin Neck in Rockport, Massachusetts. As you stand on high ground, you get an awesome view of the Atlantic Ocean. But there’s one spot where you can look over the edge at a forty foot drop straight down into the shallow water and rocks. Because there’s not fence, parents nervously watch and hold on to their children to keep them from falling. This parental caution is warranted, and it serves as a great metaphor for how we should be protecting our kids as they are on social media. New research from the University of Michigan has found that half of our ten to twelve year olds and a third of those between seven and nine are now using digital devices to engage with others on social media. Sadly, thirty-nine percent of the parents of these kids say it is too time consuming to monitor their child’s social media use. Parents, not only are we letting our kids engage with social media at far too young an age, but letting them go there by themselves is foolish and dangerous.