When I ask parents to name the youth culture trend that concerns them most, nine times out of ten they tell me that the unfolding world of technology makes their heads spin. That’s not surprising considering the fact that none of us parents, regardless of our age, grew up in a world where technology holds the place it does today. And the one particular aspect of technology that concerns parents the most has to be social media. In light of all the ways that social media is changing the way we interact with ourselves and each other, we need to set social media borders and boundaries. All this week I’m going to pass on some rules that I’ve found to be helpful. Here’s the first: Don’t engage with your smartphone as long as you are present with or in conversation with another person. The deserve your full undivided attention. It’s important that you don’t bring your screens to the dinner table. Converse with others over the meal, using your eyes, voice, ears and full attention!