All this week I’m sharing some basic rules that can help us facilitate the God-glorifying use of social media in our own lives and in the lives of our kids. Today’s rule is a response to the growing trend of being physically present with other people, but being relationally detached as we focus on our screens instead of each other. Researcher Sherry Turkle has even written a book with a title that captures how technology is influencing our relationships. The book is called Alone Together. So we suggest that you begin with how you engage with screens in your own home. Make your family room a no-smartphone zone. When you come in the door to your house, put your phone down. Then, go to the room where your family gathers without that electronic distraction. Put that phone out of sight, and pretty soon you’ll be engaging in real flesh and blood conversations – a practice that will put that smartphone out of mind. Parents, we need to foster an environment of real communication.