All this week I’m sharing some basic rules that can help us facilitate the God-glorifying use of social media in our own lives and in the lives of our kids. One of the greatest concerns we should have regarding social media use is the growing habit of engaging with our devices while we are behind the wheel. Experts cite this as a serious public safety issue. More and more vehicle accidents, injuries, and fatalities are being blamed on texting while driving. Because of their age, maturity-level, and inexperience, youthful drivers are especially prone to making poor decisions while behind the wheel. Today’s rule addresses these dangers directly. It’s important for both you and your kids to never engage with your phone while driving. It’s actually more dangerous than driving while under the influence. Do yourself, your passengers, and everyone else a huge favor by putting the phone down and concentrating all your attention on the road. In today’s world, we can’t emphasize this enough!