In his book 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You, Tony Reinke relates a story about his wife and what she learned when she did something that most of us might never do these days. She decided to remove herself from engaging with social media by dropping off Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. On the nine month anniversary of what Reinke calls her social media sobriety, Tony Reinke’s wife looked at him and said this: “Compulsive social-media habits are a bad trade: your present moment in exchange for an endless series of someone else’s past moments.” Wow. There’s a truth in that statement that we must grasp and act on. And, we must teach our kids to do the same. We need to realize that there is a cost that comes with spending so much time looking at the curated and staged lives of others on social media. In effect, our social media lives can stop our own living. We need to pause and take stock, and where necessary, power down while encouraging our kids to do the same.