Even when they might show and tell you otherwise, the reality is that our kids have been made for a relationship with God and are always searching for redemption. They might not consciously know it, but they are always hungry for heaven as they endeavor to find meaning and purpose. That’s the case for all humans. Recently, this was made clear in an art exhibition held in a German museum. While the exhibition didn’t promote Christianity, its art offered a smorgasbord of other spiritual options for visitors. Our kids are on a spiritual search. In today’s world, the options they can choose are many. Penn State professor Dr. Jeffrey Tolbert says, “Because of the globalizing potential of the internet, people have access to belief traditions that were not easily accessible to them before.” As a result, our kids now have the option to combine the traditions that appeal to them personally. Parents, this serves as a reminder to teach and ground our kids in the life-giving truths of God’s Word.