Last year, pastor and theologian Tim Keller was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Those of you who are familiar with Keller know that he focuses much of his ministry on helping people trust God and His providence, especially in times of difficulty and suffering. A few months into his diagnosis, Keller penned an article for Atlantic magazine entitled “Growing My Faith In The Face Of Death.” He wondered if he would be able to take his own advice, advice he had given to so many others during their times of suffering. Keller has found help on this journey, through a discipline Jonathan Edwards once called spiritual soliloquy. This practice of preaching the truths of God’s word to ourselves is seen in the Psalms where , for example, the Psalmist says bless the Lord oh my soul. It is the practice of talking to our hearts so that the truths about God catch fire. Parents, because difficulties will come, this is a spiritual discipline for you to practice and teach to your kids.