When I was a boy and playing little league baseball with my dad as the coach, I accumulated many great memories. But there are some troubling memories as well. One of those memories that left a strong and lasting impression on me was a confrontation initiated with my dad by a parent who didn’t like the way my dad coached. In this case, my dad’s policy of giving everyone equal playing time didn’t sit well with this particular father. When I had kids of my own, I became a coach during a time when the number of screaming and complaining parents had increased. When my own son’s moved on to coaching, they experienced it at an even higher level of troubling intensity. As Christian parents, we need to exercise our competitive natures under the Lordship of Jesus Christ in ways that reflect good sportsmanship, Christian character, and a spirit of encouragement for our kids, their teammates, and their coaches. Are you a sports parent who endeavors to glorify God?